More Than Meets the Eye

There is a wealth of benefits to Tri-State Metals engineered metal roofing, including:



A new roof can look great, but a Tri-State Metals engineered metal roof will always look great. Keeping its pristine appearance over a lifetime, Tri-State Metals engineered metal roofing is built to last.

Asphalt shingled roofing can begin to deteriorate the second it is exposed to the sun, which requires re-roofing every 12 to 20 years. However, A metal roof lasts up to 50 years! And if that isn’t enough, Tri-State Metals even offers warranties to protect your roof.



Without proper protection, your home is exposed. Rain, hail, wind and fire can beat down on your building, year after year.

The experts behind Tri-State Metals have engineered a nearly indestructible metal roof that can withstand almost everything Mother Nature throws at it. If you don’t believe us…call your insurance company and see if they offer you a premium reduction if you install a Tri-State Metals metal roof.


Energy costs are currently at an all-time high. Absorbent materials and darker colors cause some roofs to take in and trap heat during the summer.

A Tri-State Metals Energy Star rated reflective metal roof can save energy costs!


Tri-State Metals Roof Systems are available in more than 30 standard colors to give you ultimate design flexibility. In addition, Tri-State Metals also offers the lowest minimum quantity for custom colors.

To create roof envy with your own personal and unique touch, no roofing alternative offers more customizable choices than Tri-State Metals.

Check out our Color Generator tool and start designing your custom roof today.


Tri-State Metals roofs have proven to last more than twice as long as asphalt shingle and rubber roofs, thereby minimizing re-roofing costs and maintenance expenses.

Plus, we stand behind our products with meaningful warranties! Our Gold Standard paint warranty encompasses the total Tri-State Metals system from the roof deck up and covers both materials and replacement labor if the installed Tri-State Metals painted product ever were to fail.

With Tri-State Metals, you get the best of both worlds—long-lasting roofs with industry-leading warranties.

Click here to download our Care and Maintainance Guidelines for your Tri-State Metals roof system.

Cost Value

A metal roof is a smart investment and is a sustainable product, providing you years of maintenance free roofing. By utilizing reflective pigments, Tri-State Metals metal roofing reduces cooling costs. We even offer photovoltaic roof systems that capture useable solar and heat energy. But the economic benefits extend beyond there.

According to Remolder Magazine, depending on your location, you can recoup 85.9% of your investment if should you decide to sell.

To find out how much your property’s value could be increased, talk to a Tri-State Metals certified engineer today at 914-347-8157