Profile Warranty
Finishes and product warranty:

Tri-State Metals standard colors are produced by AkzoNobel and contain a minimum of 70% PVDF (Kynar500/Hylar5000) base resin with ceramic pigments. All colors are formulated to ensure consistent appearance, quality and long-term appearance.

Our Family of Product Warranties

Why so many warranties?  The answer is simple....there is not a “one size fits all” warranty. 

The Gold Standard Warranty covers the entire Tri-State Metals system from the roof deck up and is offer exclusively through our network of fabricators and certified installers.  Here are the benefits; If our product fails during the warranty period,  Tri-State Metals will replace your roof at no cost to you and since your Tri-State Metals metal roof is a sensible investment, if you ever decide to sell your property we will transfer the warranty to the next owner(s) for the life of the warranty.  For homeowners, its importnat to note that according to Remodeler Magazine you will recoup 85% of your initial investment upon the sale of your property. 

Galvalume® Substrate:

Our steel products are painted over prime, made in the USA, Galvalume, AZ50 and is all Tension Leveled for superior flatness.  Galvalume is an aluminum/zinc coated carbon steel product that was designed specifically for building products and contains approximately 80% aluminum in the coating by volume.  Galvalume offers much better cut edge protection than traditional hot dipped galvanized products.  It carries a 25 year warranty against perforation.

Aluminum Substrate:

Our aluminum products are painted over prime, made in the USA, aluminum. We use multiple alloys and tempers to ensure that the products supplied will meet and/or exceed your requirements.  We are big fans of using our painted aluminum products for coastal applications and have invested a lot of R&D funds to ensure our aluminum roof systems meet and/or exceed the high wind requirements.  Our painted aluminum in salt environments does carry a 25-year warranty, however there are annual maintenance requirements.

Drexlume® Substrate:

Drexlume is our version of mill finished Galvalume® with a two-sided, clear acrylic finish that is installed as a unpainted product.  The clear acrylic is there to aid with roll forming and will weather away over time (no impact to the performance).   Drexlume carries a 25-Year Non Pro-rated Drexlume Warranty (Acrylic Coated Galvalume)